Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Booking and Cancellation Terms and Conditions

The term ‘EV-lution, or 'us', or 'we', refers to the IDUS Pty Ltd trading as EV-lution. The term 'you' refers to the user or viewer of our website.


Night Surcharge: Where the journey start time is between the hours of 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM, every booking will attract a night surcharge of 50%.

Card Payment Surcharge: Any payments made through Credit or Debit card would attract a 5% surcharge including GST.

Special Events: Prices mentioned on the website are general guide prices only; special events such as concerts, sporting events and weddings attract a different price which will be explained to you upon contacting us.

Seating Capacity: Our Tesla Model S vehicles have a maximum seating capacity of 4 customers. For longer trips with maximum comfort it is recommended no more than 3 adult passengers.

Luggage Capacity: Our Tesla Model S has approx. 770lt of luggage space in the boot, comfortably fitting 3 large suitcases and several carry on bags. Should you have more luggage please advise when you making your booking and arrangements can be made to Utilise the 'Frunk' or Front Boot.

Child Restraint: At this stage we do not accommodate booster or baby seats. Under NSW law this means we cannot have passengers under the age of 7.

Sight Seeing Tours: Sightseeing tours mentioned in this website are for tourism purpose. Our prices only include travelling from your pickup point to the places of interest and then back to the original pickup point. The drivers may or may not have knowledge of the place of interest. The driver should be treated as a guide. Hence the sightseeing tour is not a guided tour. If you need a guide or an interpreter you must make your own arrangements. The prices doesn’t include the admission ticket to any of the places of interest and has be bought separately by you at your own expense.


• Any booking received does not automatically mean EV-Lution is bound to deliver the service. In case the service cannot be delivered, EV-Lution will notify you promptly in writing to your filed email address and any deposits held by EV-Lution will be refunded.

• All credit/debit card transactions will attract card payment surcharge. All online bookings where the pickup time or the booking start time falls between 11.00 PM to 5.00 AM will attract a night surcharge as mentioned in the website.

• The base price mentioned on the website of EV-Lution may not include card payment surcharge, or night surcharge

• The management of EV-Lution reserves the right to receive a part or full payment before the commencement of journey. At the request of management, you must provide a valid credit card details that can be with the authority to charge cancellation charges in accordance with cancellation schedule if necessary.

• You may need to carry your nominated credit/debit card during your journey in order to be verified by our driver. This is an extra protection to avoid any sort of fraud or criminal intentions.

• EV-Lution at this time accepts Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, PayPal and Cash.

• Collection Fees – You agree to pay all legal counselling fees, litigation fees, legal fees, costs, accounting fees, expenses and disbursements for all actions taken prior to, during and subsequent to the initiation of legal proceedings to collect payments due in case of non-payment.


• Any bookings cancelled prior to the time of travel will attract a cancellation fee determined by the cancellation schedule below.

• EV-Lution reserves the right to change the schedule at any time. However if you have made any booking prior to such change, then the cancellation schedule effective on the date of booking would be used to calculate the cancellation charges.

Cancellation Charges Schedule:
More than 24 hours – NIL
Less than 24 hours – 50%
Less than 12 hours – 100%
Special occasions and Weddings require 5 days notice or 100% of the fee will be charged.

NO SHOW – You will be charged the total amount of the confirmed fee if you do not show at the nominated time and place.

• EV-Lution will not be liable in any way for delays both at the point of pickup and delays to the destination.

• EV-Lution is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or incidents happening to you or your co-passengers during the course of the journey.

• In case of a vehicle breakdown, EV-Lution will make every effort to find an alternative transport vehicle as soon as possible. In case a replacement vehicle has been organized, you will not be entitled for any refunds. If a replacement vehicle cannot be organized by EV-lution you can claim a refund of the total fare paid by you.

• VEHICLE DAMAGE & BAD BEHAVIOUR – If you or any person or part of your party damage or soil our vehicle, interior or exterior, including all fittings and fixtures, you will be liable for all costs incurred to repair said damage or $200 whichever is greater. If you are any person or part of your party behave in a manner deemed unsafe, or considered intoxicated, before, after or whilst en route, we reserve the right to terminate your reservation and evict you form the vehicle. No refund will apply. Seat belts must be worn at all times.

• Smoking – Smoking is strictly prohibited in our vehicles as per the Australian Passenger Transport Act.


• We will always endeavor to accommodate our clients who require excess time with our vehicles. Within reason and where possible, the vehicle will be made available to your for as long as possible after the specified period of your reservation.

• For Airport pickups EV-Lution offers a complimentary waiting time of 20 minutes for domestic (45 minutes International) following the flights arrival time.

• For all other transfers waiting time is charged after 10 minutes of the booked time to which an hourly rate of $100 per hour applies. Waiting time is charged in 15 minute blocks or part there of.

DISCLAIMER – These terms and conditions are current & subject to change without notice.