The future of transportation...

The world is always changing, sometimes it’s so gradual it’s upon us before we realise, other times it is a revolution. The transport industry, with its somewhat prehistoric ways is rapidly being dragged into the 21st century.

The simple process of booking a ride has evolved from calling an operator, to using a multitude of booking apps and most recently, the international behemoth Uber allowing us to book everything from kittens to helicopters. Now we believe the next step in the revolution is upon us.

The cars of the future have more in common with your iPad than the falcons of yesteryear. Cars that detect collisions, automatically adjust to traffic conditions and even avoid parking tickets.

We believe these cars of the future have landed, offering a Jetson’s like experience today. Our flagship Tesla Model S provides all the qualities you have come to expect from a luxury car: whisper quiet, supreme comfort, top safety ratings and technology that just makes life easy.

We call this the Electric Vehicle revolution, or EV-Lution, and it truly is the future of transportation.